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Aerial yoga hammock, Salta

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Model: 110002
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Manufacturer: Salta
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The great advantage of the aerial yoga hammock is that it allows you to perform inverted yoga poses. Inverted positions have many positive effects on the body, which are described in more detail below.


The biggest advantage of antigravity yoga is that during the aerial exercises, your spine and joints are not under as much strain. For this reason, this branch of yoga is also suitable for recreational purposes.

The yoga hammock is also a popular choice for those who are not yet fit enough to perform certain asanas, as it can be used to reduce the load.


First, the two hooks should be fixed to the ceiling with a distance of 50-80 cm between them. The length of the antigravity hammock is 1.4-1.6 m, so care must be taken when installing it.

In any case, make sure that it is installed safely!


Anyag Poliészter
Teherbírás 120 kg
Markolat anyaga EVA szivacs


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